Darío Gómez dead, the ‘king of spite’, passed away – cause of death

The king of spite Darío Gómez has passed away. This is how his friend Luis Alberto Posada just recorded it.

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If there is something that can be very serious for any man, it is seeing the wrong woman. The same seems to have happened to Darío Gómez’s father, a singer widely known as the “Lord of grudges.”

Darío Gómez’s father was “enyerbado” and they cursed him for messing with the wrong woman.

Darío Gómez recalled: “They gave my father such a concentrated curse that they cursed him to kill my mother.”

With the ‘spell’, the father of the grudge king ended up being someone else, not even his own family recognized him.

“When he was very angry with jealousy, he wanted to kill my mother. Sometimes he would say that he wanted to kill her, even her children, and then kill himself,” he said.

His aggressive and violent behavior began to create distance between various members of the family. His brother Orlando, Gomez’s eldest, fled the house.

The abuse, one of the most heartbreaking stories in Darío Gómez’s life, lasted about a year and a half. The Gomez family was stunned because his father was the best father and husband in the world. “I saw the hallucination and my mom was playing with her,” he said.

One day, when they were going to bed, her father came to embarrass her mother because he was going to kill her. He hit her five flats that day (with a machete) and punched her.

“After he hit my mom, he got a shotgun and loaded it to kill her. I jumped on him and got the shotgun. I ran out with it and threw it in the yard without even knowing it was mounted. It’s fine,” he said. he said he.

The unfortunate tragedy occurred when Darío Gómez pulled the handle forward and the tube backwards, finally tightening the nail. “The gun went off that day and I killed my father. My father bled to death immediately and I dropped the shotgun,” he recalls.