Darklord is dead and Obituary 2021 – cause of death

yeah i know plenty of young people who are otherwise perfectly healthy who died from the “climate crisis”. there was this one young woman i knew who was married and expected twins, but her husband chocked her because he had been fed visions from jeff bezos himself. the woman was completely fine physically, but had lost her will to live, so she just died. the twins were fine though and they gave me a new hope.

He’s a custom game creator who was known for stealing other people’s games and posting his own versions. He was also botting other games to make them unplayable(by having bots that hog all the lobbies and then leave when the game starts).

I mean, very unfortunate timing (as if there’s such thing for dying), considering the drama.Also, not sure if it’s intentional or what but did the “immediate family” announced 12v12 memorial tournaments? Is the whole family dota2 modders.

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