MoistCr1TiKal & Mizkif hit back at DarkViperAU over react content reddit – Whats happened?

Twitch streamer and YouTuber DarkViperAU has reignited the debate over “reactive content”, especially on Twitch, but has also drawn backlash from some streamers including Mizkif and MoistCr1TiKal.

The reaction meta on Twitch is often a controversial meta, as streamers have been criticized for using other people’s content to fill gaps in their streams while collecting ad revenue, donations and subscribers. Some argue that the content is transformative, or that fans are still there to watch the streaming, not the content. Others think it’s really just stealing content.

DarkViperAU released a 14-page document on “How React grift Works,” stating that “Reactors are bad people. They explicitly use the unfortunate for their personal gain.”

However, some of the comparisons in the document have also sparked backlash. In one section, he wrote: “If you come across the reactor at a party, I suggest you cover your glass, or just tell them you don’t want them to fuck you, as they seem to be keen on a one-man silence. to express consent.”

DarkViper’s post, also highlights that DarkViper himself created the reaction content, as he discusses in the post.

“He did make valid points in the document, but his continued frantic rants mask that,” Cr1TiKal said. “The entire DarkViper document is about the belief that every reactor is for economic gain and F**k did so through small channels. The logic he used to express these views was deeply flawed and not supported by any real evidence.”

Mizkif similarly dismissed DarkViper’s criticism, pointing to a viewership analysis of his Twitch channel and suggesting that was a motive.

“That’s why he got mad. He fell because he didn’t matter right now. You’re in 4k [audience], do something, and you fall. That’s it.”

In a direct reply to Cr1TiKal, DarkViper said most of what he said was “untrue” and was due to “a sincere misunderstanding rather than a lie.”

In a 47-minute video response, DarkViper accused Cr1tiKal of trying to shape the narrative by misrepresenting what the document said and using his larger audience to only support his debate.

DarkViper also sought to clarify comments about reactors adding drinks to parties, explaining that it was just an analogy to the lack of consent often found in reaction content.

React content is still a grey area when it comes to fair use and copyright laws. It is widely believed that the number of comments or criticisms on content will determine whether something is fair use.

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