Darren Lund is dead -Obituary 2021 – cause of death

Alberta education advocate Darren Lund (Darren Lund) formed the province’s first gay and heterosexual alliance while teaching in Red Deer, and has now passed away. Since 2002, he has been a professor in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary.

Lund continued to win praise for his work in social justice until the end of his term. The faculty and staff awarded him the first Werklund Fairness, Diversity and Inclusion Award in 2021. moon.

Before entering the academic world, Lund worked as an English high school teacher at Red Deer for 16 years, during which time a student and teacher anti-bias student advocacy program was formed. Dianne Gereluk, Dean of Werklund, said that she will remember Lund as an educator who uses his voice to empower youth and create a learning environment that supports all students.

“Darren is a very special person. If you meet him, he often starts from the perspective of sympathy and listening, hoping to better understand and improve the voice of young people, so that they can find themselves,” Gluck said. “I think he was very radical in our province in the 1980s. But he did it with humility, he did it with compassion and understanding.”

Christopher Wells of McEwan University said that Lund has left a deep legacy in advocating equity in education and human rights. “It’s as if Alberta didn’t have a human rights issue, and Darren didn’t touch or influence it in some way,” said Wells, the chair of the Canadian Sex and Gender Minority Youth Public Understanding Research.

“Of course, from the perspective of the LGBTQ community, he summarized what it means to be an ally, from fighting through the courts at incredible personal risks and costs, to supporting the first gay alliance in history. The province is the most expensive in Red Deer.

One of the impossible places.” Gereluk said Lund has established a reputation among Werklund faculty and staff and has become a role model for faculty and students. “His research is very meaningful. It has to do with the community,” she said. “He is a living example of the ideals we worked hard to maintain at Werklund School of Education.

So when he died, there was such a deep grief.” A note posted on Lund’s Twitter account on Thursday acknowledged that he is not only an education pioneer, but also a “conscientious father and unconditional lover of life”.

After Lund’s death, messages of condolences emerged on social media, including colleagues and students, all of whom recognized his influence. New Democratic Party leader Rachel Notley said on Twitter that Lund was “tireless in the fight for equality” and added, “Alberta is a better place for him.” The Calgary Police Department, where Dee serves on the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee, said in a statement that they will “continue to learn from his dedication to fairness, diversity and inclusiveness.”

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