Dave Subkleve dead and obituary, whats happened?

athiMthethwaSA Day 798. Chronicles of the Technical Events Industry. Today we learnt of 2 further icons lost…Wellness for our sector must be a priority & not just lip service. RIP Dave Subkleve – RIP Mike Mzileni.

Inviting guest lecturers is a way for our students to connect with renowned industry experts. Dave Subkleve is a South African post-production and audio industry legend who has won numerous awards for his work. So who better to teach surround sound to our third-year graduate students?

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The audiovisual post-production industry is just one of the many avenues students can pursue after leaving our university. With the advent of our digital age, the industry has experienced strong growth, with more and more films and series now being outsourced to other studios outside of Hollywood. This means that students wishing to enter the post-production industry must leave our academy with the best knowledge they can get. 5.1 surround sound is a huge part of the film industry, and Dave has gone through a variety of techniques and provided our students with expert tips to speed up Pro Tools HD workflows.

Students were split into smaller groups and spent a full week with Dave in our post-production studio at Cape Audio College. These smaller groups provide our students with a more hands-on experience, allowing them to ask questions and get a more personalized training experience than larger classes. Our third-year students are now required to revise their final second-year post-production project and create a surround sound mix to demonstrate the theoretical and practical knowledge they have gained from Dave’s lectures.