David Attenborough is dead or still alive? Whats happened?

David Attenborough, whose full name is Sir David Frederick Attenborough (born May 8, 1926, London, England), a British broadcaster, writer and naturalist, is known for his innovative educational television programs, especially the nine-part “Life “series.

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Attenborough grew up in Leicester, England. His father was the president of the local university; his brother Richard Attenborough later became a successful actor and film producer.

David had a keen interest in natural history early on. He was educated at Clare College, Cambridge (Master, 1947), and started working in an educational publishing house in 1949. In 1952, he completed a training course for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and became a TV producer for the BBC. In 1954, he and reptile curator Jack Lester co-created the TV series “Zoo Quest”, in which live animals were filmed in the wild and in the zoo.

In 1965, Attenborough became the head of BBC’s new second television channel, BBC-2. In this capacity, he helped launch the drama “Legend of Forsythia” and landmark cultures such as Jacob Bronovsky’s “The Rise of Mankind” and Kenneth Clark’s “Civilization” Education series. He also aired the groundbreaking comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Attenborough served as the BBC television program director from 1968 to 1972, but after he resigned, he wrote and produced television series as a freelancer. Subsequently, he wrote (and narrated) a series of award-winning TV shows on anthropology and natural history, the most famous of which is the life series: Life on Earth (1979), Star of Life (1984), Trial of Life ( 1990), Life in the Freezer (1993), Private Life of Plants (1995), Life of Birds (1998), Life of Mammals (2002-03), Life in the Bushes (2005) and Life in Cold Blood ( 2008).

His other TV works include Blue Planet (2001), Exploration of the World’s Oceans, The State of the Earth (2000) and Are We Changing the Earth? (2006), both severely dealt with environmental issues such as global warming. He narrated but did not write Blue Planet II (2017); for his narrative, Attenborough won an Emmy Award.

Attenborough has written many books, some of which are companions to his TV series. Live Life: Memoirs of a Broadcaster (2002), Adventures of a Young Naturalist: Zoo Adventures (2017) and Journey to the Other Side of the World: Further Adventures of a Young Naturalist (2018) are all his autobiography. Attenborough has also received many other honors, including multiple BAFTA awards and Peabody Awards (2014). He was knighted in 1985.