The viral video of the chica araña Dayana Castro on Facebook today that is viral on Telegram

The video of the young woman has gone viral and has been shared on Telegram channels under the name of the spider girl or the spider girl due to the young woman’s pose in one of the shorts.

a new trend has been seen in social networks today after the elections of the president of Colombia Petro new video has gone viral and that is that social networks do not pay with the private video of machika no more than 18 years old as a pose where he is clearly seen on all fours in the chest doing inappropriate things.

the spider girl is the name they gave her on social networks unfairly the video has been shared throughout the network in fact on the Telegram channel you can see all the videos that were uploaded of the young woman, out of respect for the girl no we will publish the name of the young woman as this could affect her personal life.