De Jong made a harsh confession about Barcelona before the Copa del Rey final: “Sad days”

The central of the Barcelona spoke to the local press before contesting the final of the Copa del Rey before him Athletic club, just after losing the Classic to Real Madrid for the local tournament. De Jong He assured that they have been “Sad days” and gave his analysis of the present of several of his companions. Not without first filling with praise to Messi, the great reference of the Barcelona team.

«We have been a few sad days after the Classic, but you have to get up. Now we have an exciting challenge ahead. We have options in the league and we want to lift the first title. Winning it would be important. We already lost the Super Cup, so we have to react, “said the Dutchman. It should be remembered that the game was 2-1 in favor of the merengue team, a defeat that took them away from the top. Classic hangover


«I see a lot of future for Barça. We have evolved in the right direction, although there are many things that do not depend on the players. But when you are at Barça you have to win titles. If we don’t win titles, it won’t be a good season, “said the 24-year-old who dreams of lifting a new title and reversing the score in the Spanish Super Cup final against Bilbao.

He referred to his role: «It changes the way you play because you can’t take so many risks. Now, I try to be the same player all the time. I don’t think I can lose the ball when I have it “, but also to the admiration he feels for other teammates like Pedri:” He’s wonderful, he’s very talented. You are assuming you take responsibility despite being only 18 years old. It’s amazing how he plays, everyone can see it, “he said.


“It is clear to me: he is the best player I have ever seen. When I was 12 I was already the best in the world. Now I am 23 and still am. It’s not just talent, it’s also mentality, ”said De Jong. Undoubtedly, the team, the fans and other figures of the club long for the continuity of the Argentinian. However, his next move for the following season will remain a mystery.

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