Death: Allu Sirish is dead, an Indian actor who works primarily in Telugu films

Allu Sirish (born May 30, 1985) is an Indian actor who works primarily in Telugu films. He debuted in Gouravam (2013) and later appeared in such films as Kotha Janta (2014), Srirastu Subhamastu (2016), and Okka Kshanam (2017).

Sirish made her debut in the bilingual Telugu-Tamil film Gouravam (2013), against Yami Gautam, produced by Prakash Raj and directed by Radha Mohan. Although it was a commercial failure, it managed to garner its fair share of critical comments on its subject. Kotha Janta (2014) is a romantic comedy directed by Maruthi Dasari that tells the story of two different colleagues who fall in love and the drama that follows.

Telugu actor Allu Sirish admits that comparisons happen from time to time, but the only way out is for him to find his own formula.

There is a shadow that Allu Sirish cannot escape from, and it is his brother Allu Arjun. But the Telugu actor doesn’t mind this contradictory comparison game and he said the key to avoiding it is creating a unique and independent audience.

“The comparison happened. But I think it will eventually stop when you find your formula or niche,” Sirish told us.

For him, having a brother in show business is a double-edged sword.

“If I start to imitate him or do the same thing he did, then people will say ‘nothing is original.’ If you do something different then they will say ‘but his brother does this, or the trademark is where’.

This conflict will always exist, “admitted the actor, who recently appeared in his first Hindi project, the Vilayati Sharaab music video.

The actor debuted in 2013 with the movie “Gulavam” and has found a way out, but it will take some time.

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