Death, Anthony M. Scotto, Former Union Energy At The Docks, Dead At 87

“This isn’t the first time someone has told me this and I don’t think it’s the last as long as my name is Scotto rather than Schwartz or O’Hara.” Mr. Scotto refuses to accept the complaint. .

Scotto obviously has no sense of belonging. Although his father-in-law, Mr. Anastasio, was never convicted of a felony, no one disputed that he earned the nickname “Tony Tough.” And Mr. Anastasio’s brother is the scariest Albert Anastasia. He is a gang boss and murderer. He is mentioned as the man behind the murder of the company gang by the mob. He also worked at the terminal. (Albert spelled an “a” after his last name).

Anthony Michael Scotto, son and grandson of the dock staff, was born on May 10, 1934 in Brooklyn. He graduated from St.

Francis Preparatory Excessive College He attended Brooklyn School and began working on the docks. He attended law school until he left Brooklyn after the second 12 months.

In addition, he began courting Marion, the daughter of Anthony Anastasio, whom he married in 1957. The companies at the Plaza Resort’s wedding reception included Joseph Profaci, who later became the founder of the family. . Colombo criminals; Carmine Lombardozzi, one of Gambino’s main lieutenants; And Albert Anastasia, who may be shot and killed in a Manhattan hotel barber shop a few months later.

During Carter’s lucrative 1976 presidential campaign, Scott befriended politicians in metropolitan areas such as New York, Albany, and Washington, and traveled through Brooklyn with Jimmy Carter. But he is still under suspicion. In 1970, he refused to answer a question from the New York State Legislative Committee about whether he was a member of the mob and therefore invoked his Fifth Amendment.

In the mid-1960s, when he took up social activities after his New Jersey national membership was bought by a real estate company jointly owned by his spouse, the mob and Thomas Eboli were suspected of being the famous MPs. of the Genovese crime. family The leader will introduce himself. I will invite them to play elsewhere.

In 1979, federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained a 70-count indictment of extortion and tax evasion by Mr. Scotto and others. He is accused of extorting more than $ 200,000 from executives of coastal companies in exchange for guiding his business methods and reducing various accident claims made by dockworkers.

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