Death, Boeta Cassiem Newlands’ legendary ice-cream seller dead

R.I.P to the voice of my live cricket viewing youth! Boeta Cassiem was an absolute character! I remember being about 8 years old and laughing at “lolly to make you jolly” then still laughing at 30 yrs old at “a wafer to make your boyfriend stuifer”Rest well, legend.

He has seen it more clearly.Mogamat “Boeta” Cassiem, a well-known ice cream seller in Cape Town, underwent eye surgery this weekend, thanks to the generous support of the people he moved.On Saturday, Kasim, who has been selling ice cream at Newlands Stadium for more than 55 years, underwent cataract removal surgery. The first of two operations.The night before Boeta Cassiem’s ​​operation, he was unable to watch the game of his favorite team, Manchester United.

His eyesight has become so bad that watching TV is difficult and meaningless.”I was disappointed because I couldn’t see clearly. I said that next time, when my surgery can be done, I will be able to see clearly and jump into the air or something.”

For the past 55 years, Boeta Mogamat Cassiem has been selling ice cream at the world-famous Newlands Rugby and Cricket Stadium in Cape Town.The legendary ice cream supplier was commended for his years of service at the Newlands venue.The Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA) has planned to host a special event for Boeta today (Wednesday, May 19, 2021).WPCA media manager David Brookbrand said that the show will include tribute messages and speeches from some former players that Boeta admires. A private lunch will also be provided for his family.Boeta was recently diagnosed with advanced renal failure and he said that he is very happy to be honored in Newlands.

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