Death: Brazilian rider Amadeu Campos Silva, 22, dead after ‘strange accident’ – Video

Authorities say Brazilian jockey Amadeu Campos Silva (Amadeu Campos Silva) tragically passed away after being trampled by a bull in a race on Sunday. He is 22 years old.

PBR CEO Sean Gleason (Sean Gleason) on Twitter after an unusual accident at the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour in Fresno, California last weekend, Campos’ death was confirmed.

“Earlier today, young Brazilian pilot Amadeu Campos Silva was involved in a terrible accident during the Velocity Tour in Fresno. He was taken to the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, California, where he passed away. We are heartbroken for Amadeu’s family and friends. . “

Within days, Campos, who was about to turn 23, rode the “Classic Man” in the second round and fell from his seat at 5.31 seconds.

According to, Campos’ spurs were entangled in a rope and the bull stepped on his chest with its hind legs. PBR spokesman Andrew Giangola also told USA Today that the incident was not caused by an animal attack.

“This is not an act of aggression,” Jangora said. “The bull moves in a normal pattern. Amadou’s spurs got caught by the flanks and he was dragged under the bull in an unusual accident.”

Campos was born in Altaïr, Brazil, began riding a bull at the age of 16, eventually moving to the United States in 2020 to pursue a professional career.

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