Death: Brian Travers is dead, UB40 star at age 62 for cancer

UB40’s Brian Travers has died. “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our comrade, brother, founding UB40 member and musical legend, Brian David Travers. Brian passed away with his family by his side after a long and heroic battle with cancer,” the band said.

The saxophone genius revealed that after a seizure before Christmas last year, he will face a second brain tumor surgery within two years.

In a statement on social media, the band stated: “We are very saddened to announce the death of our partner, brother, founding member of UB40 and music legend Brian David Travers.

“After a long and heroic battle with cancer, Brian passed away last night with his family. Our thoughts go out to Brian’s wife, Leslie, his daughter Lisa, and his son Jamie.” the privacy needs of his family at this time. “

UB40 is a group formed by friends in Birmingham in 1978. The name refers to the cards issued by people who were receiving unemployment benefits at the time. Reggae has gained fame with popular songs like Red Red Wine, Kingston Town, and Can’t Help Falling in Love.

“After a long and heroic battle with cancer, Bryan passed away last night. “Our thoughts are related to Bryan’s wife, Leslie, his daughter Lisa, and his son Jamie.

“We are all shocked by this news and ask that you respect his family’s need for privacy at this time.” Traverse formed a band with classmates from various schools in Birmingham in 1978, and chose his name as a reference for the application form for unemployment benefits issued at the time.

The band has produced popular songs like Red Red Wine and Falling In Love With You, and has sold 100 million albums worldwide.

They have won over 40 songs from 40 songs in the UK and are recognized as one of the most successful bands in the country.

Traverse’s last performance with the band was at a concert at the Birmingham Arena in December 2019.

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