Death: Clay County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Clint Seagle is dead

Clay County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Clint Seagle passed away Sunday after a long battle with COVID-19. Deputy Seagle has been a devoted member of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office since 2006. He also proudly served his country for 21 years in the United States Navy.

Deputy Seagle served the residents of Clay County in Patrol, Traffic, and most recently, the Civil Unit. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, and we will remember his service to our county and our country always.

A deputy from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office is fighting for his life at the hospital.

On Thursday night, Rep. Clint Siegel was battling COVID-19 at St. Vincent Hospital in Middelburg. Neighbors gathered to pray and support him. The leaders shared words of strength and wrote a message of love and hope for him.

“We all need you, your family needs you and we are ready to make you smile happily at home,” said Heather Linier, the patrol assistant.

Action News Jax learned that Representative Seagle has been in the hospital for almost a month. Clay County Sheriff Michel Cook said in the latest inspection that he was very ill and in critical condition.

“The Clay County Sheriff’s Office lost a member who contracted COVID about this time last year. Unfortunately, we are getting close to the possibility of wasting a second and we have another person in the hospital,” Sheriff Cook said.

The fifth window from the top left is the MP Seagle window. Blue light allows you to see where the meeting is taking place. Patrol assistant Linier has known him for about 12 years and even became a close friend and partner.

“There is someone you can trust, someone you know who always supports you and knows that no matter what they have, it is a partnership,” she said.

Since 2006, Deputy Sheriff Seagle has been a member of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office and has served in the US Navy for 21 years. Neil, the patrol deputy, said that he is unique, he will not only fight, but also win the battle.

“Clint, you need to get your butt working again, nothing more. We need you back, we need your smile, we need you,” he said.

Former Clay County pastor and former police officer Tim Martin said the entire community supports Seagles.

“We just want him to know that we love him, we love his family and we are here to give him whatever help he needs,” Martin said.

Seagle’s family declined to speak, but Sheriff Michelle Cook said that if he has no reason not to get vaccinated, she strongly encourages him to do so.

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