Death: is DeJi the YouTube star dead?

For the second time, people claim that famous YouTube star Deji has passed away. We have not independently confirmed Deji’s death and the possible cause of death. Deji is a famous YouTube star with more than 10.2 million subscribers.

In January 2020, Deji replied to the claim that he was dead on his Twitter account. “I don’t know why people say I’m dead, but I’m not dead … I’m still alive,” he wrote on Twitter.

Rumors of Deji’s death have surfaced again today, worrying many of his fans.

This is a developmental story. We will update this article with more information.

YouTube sensation known as Comedy Shorts Gamer who creates videos that incorporate a unique combination of comedy, games, and family pranks. Some of his older videos frequently featured content from the video game Halo 3. His channel has earned more than 7 million subscribers. the younger brother of internet sensation KSI. He frequently features his brother KSI in his YouTube videos.

After KSI “dumped” the Sidemen, Deji uploaded a “distortion track”. Miniminter had a little “problem” with Deji via Twitter, which caused him to become more involved with the Sidemen. Deji’s follow-up is targeting the remaining 6 members of the Sidemen, but primarily targeting Simon (detailing more about his personal life, ex-lovers, and his past).

Deji created his first YouTube channel on August 26, 2011, called TheAngelzKid. Deji only has one video on that channel titled “Ninja Gaiden”, but he recently changed the channel’s name to Deji 2nd and uploads random content there.

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