Death: Donald Rumsfeld, architect of the war in Afghanistan, dead

On Monday, a horse-drawn box of a coffin with flags slowly passed through the gate of Arlington National Cemetery, a silent painting depicting a noisy city, blaming the failed war in Afghanistan.

The parade featured two defense ministers and one of the war’s leading architects, Donald H. Rumsfeld, who was buried on a sweltering August afternoon, the end of this 20-year conflict.

Mr. Rumsfeld passed away on June 29 from complications related to multiple myeloma at the age of 88. The date of his funeral was set earlier than the previous private funeral in Fort Myer, Virginia, on Monday, but the time meant that Rumsfeld was buried in the same riots on October 7. In 2001, the United States launched its first air strike against Afghanistan.

However, these rituals seem to take place in a closed parallel universe, isolated from the fighting in Washington. “This is largely related to this person and his time, rather than a particular issue of the day,” said Larry Dilly, one of Rumsfeld’s top deputies at the Pentagon during the George W. Bush administration. . Tower (Larry Di Rita) said.

Tell me what you think of the person called “Rami”. Many people did it harshly because he turned his back on Afghanistan and fought a war in Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. ruined the political life of Mr. Rumsfeld. But at Memorial Church in Fort Myer, these honors remember someone else.

“There are many types of families in our capital,” recalled Rumsfeld’s longtime ally and former Vice President Dick Cheney, based on comments prepared and confirmed by the funeral guests, his closest friend of hers. “However, in my years in this corporate city, I have never heard of anyone being described as ‘Rumsfeldian.’ There is no such thing, because there is nothing typical, derivative or standard about Don. Of.”

Cheney also mentioned some of Rumsfeld’s most important characteristics. Mr. Rumsfeld is sometimes an adaptation of these relatives in Washington. “Harry Truman allegedly said, ‘If you want to have a friend in Washington, get a dog,'” Cheney said. “In this regard, Don added Rumsfeld’s inference: raising a puppy may be against you.”

The term “Afghanistan” or “Iraq” was barely mentioned by Cheney and other acclaimed teams, including Richard B. Miles and Victoria Clark, chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the start of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rumsfeld’s long term communications assistant at the Pentagon.

Mrs. Clark cited one of Rumsfeld’s favorite maxims, the so-called Rumsfeld Rule. “There are irreplaceable people everywhere in the cemetery,” Clark said before the funeral, citing her former boss but changing the rules for her honor. “Arlington National Cemetery will soon have a truly irreplaceable person.”

The details of the funeral and burial are closely guarded by the Rumsfeld family, and there is no public disclosure after the ending. Among the guests were Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III and Mark A. Milly, the chairwoman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, knelt in front of Joyce, Rumsfeld’s widow in a wheelchair, and handed her a flag from the coffin of her husband.

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