Death: Dr. Shafeeq Al-Ghabra is dead

Dr. Shafeeq N. Al-Ghabra is Professor of Political Science at the University of Kuwait, the Center for Leadership Strategy and Future Studies, and Founding President of the American University of Kuwait (2003-2006). He received his government doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin in 1987 and also served as director of the Kuwait Information Office in Washington, DC. Dr. Ghabra has written five books and a large number of articles and papers, and won the Kuwait Humanities and Social Science Research Award from the Kuwait Science Advancement Foundation.

Dr. Ghabra speaks frequently on topics such as Middle East security and politics, the peace process, and Arab-Western relations. He is a longtime advocate for democratic reforms in the Middle East. His books include Palestinians in Kuwait: The Politics of Family and Survival, a major academic book published by Choice magazine in 1989, and Kuwait, which studies national and social dynamics. He also published research on American education in Arab countries and the relationship between the United States and Kuwait. He is currently writing his sixth book on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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