Death: Ed Asner is dead, the iconic Lou Grant in two acclaimed TV series, at 91

The site once won the Emmy Award was very entertained on the “Mary Taylor Moore Show”, it took its own news drama seriously and was released to satisfy the audience. Edward Asner is a tough guy with a weak character. He played the editor’s grumpy boss Lu in the legendary situation comedy “Mary Tyler Moore Show” and his own hard television series. Grant (Lou Grant), murio on Sunday. He was 91 years old.

His family said on Twitter: “We are sorry to decide that our beloved patriarch passed away peacefully this morning. The words cannot express the sadness we feel. Kisses in the head, good nights, papa. We love you.”

Asner won three of his seven Emmy Awards (1971, 1972 and 1975) for playing the producer of the WJM-TV nightly news on the CBS program Mary Taylor Moore, and to continue winning other trophies (1978, 1980) after Lou Grant, from CBS, he hired his job title as municipal editor of the Los Angeles Tribune.

Ed Asner, the iconic Lou Grant en of the critically acclaimed television series, murió a la age 91 years.

He is one of the only actors (el other and Uzo Aduba) to win the Emmy Awards for comedy and drama for the same role in different programs.

Asner also won an Emmy Award for his performances in the famous ABC miniseries: “Poor Man” in 1976, in which he played the bitter German immigrant, and “Root” in 1977 as the captain general that Targent wears to the United States .

Later, Asner played Carl Fredricksen in the Oscar a la Mejor Film Award (2009). Carl Fredricksen is a 78 year old widow. He had thousands of globes in his home to make his dream of seeing South America, attracting a new generation of fans.

From 1981 to 1985, the publicly proclaimed liberal Asner (Asner) also served as president of the Film Actors Guild during periods and often interacted with famous conservative Charlton Heston, who served as president of the association before he is. Charlton Heston) has a conflict. He received the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002.

He has recently replayed his long career with Scott Feinberg in THR.

Asner played the grumpy and amusing police chief in Erle Stanley Gardner’s 1971 NBC television film “They Called Murder”, which turned him into a character who changed his life. MTM Enterprises director Grant Tinker saw Asner’s work in the periodical and recommended him to play Grant’s gross role in Mary Taylor Moore’s new show, starring Tinker’s wife.

(Gavin McLeod also played the role of Grant, but I told the producer that he might be better suited to play reporter Murray Slaughter). “I was such a beautiful persona, a beautiful script,” Asner recalled in an interview with The New York Times in 1973. “It prevents me from making fun of this project. deliberately flout myself from comedy roles.”

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