Death: Officer Freddie Castro was just 23 years old is dead

Officer Freddie Castro was just 23 years old. He was unvaccinated and spent more than a month in the hospital from complications after contracting COVID-19

The Overland Park Police Officers Foundation is requesting support for one of their officers.

Freddie Castro (Freddie Castro), 23, was hospitalized with COVID-19 for 33 days.

Castro joined the department when he was 19 years old. He applied for the post of military officer as soon as he was able to wear the insignia.

“I mean, it has affected so many people in so many different ways,” said Castro’s mother, Michaela Robles.

His family is now looking for hope. Robles said the doctor warned her that if she defeated Covid-19, her son would not live long.

His colleague said Freddie Castro was a young Overland Park police officer who was seriously ill in the ICU due to COVID-19.

According to the police officer, a young Overland Park police officer is seriously ill with COVID-19 and he may not survive without ongoing important medical intervention.

According to a Facebook post published by the Rocky Overland Park Police Brotherhood on Friday morning, 23-year-old Freddie Castro developed symptoms similar to those of colds and pneumonia in mid-July. He tested positive for COVID-19 in the middle of the day. 21 years.

At the hospital, FOP said Castro’s condition “has deteriorated dramatically.” They transferred him to the intensive care unit and put him on a ventilator, and he suffered “multiple heart attacks and strokes.”

“His current situation about him is that the doctors say that he cannot live without a ventilator, and his organs are failing,” said the FOP publication.

In the last 24 hours, two fundraising campaigns were published online to cover the Castro family’s medical expenses.

One fundraiser was conducted through the Overland Park Police Foundation and the other was a GoFundMe page created by a friend of the Castro family.

Anyone making a donation to the Police Foundation website should be sure to select “Police Officer Freddie Castro” when making a donation.

Due to the continued increase in cases caused by the infectious delta variant, the City of Overland Park recently issued a new directive on masks.

Meg Ralph, director of digital communications for the Overland Park city manager’s office, said Police Chief Frank Donchez issued a rule for his department on Tuesday, Aug. 24, requiring police employees not to get vaccinated. . Wear N95 masks and safety glasses when indoors, in vehicles, and when working with the public.

The police directive supplements city policy issued Aug. 4, which requires all city employees to wear masks indoors when not at their desks or offices, including during employee face-to-face meetings. , in the vehicles on city affairs and in the council. meetings in and with the public, Ralph said.

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