Death, ‘Jackass’ Star ‘Goddess’ Patty Pérez DEAD AT 57 After Diabetes Battle

Patty Perez-aka “Goddess Patty”, who made an unforgettable cameo appearance in a “Asshole” movie-is dead… TMZ already knows.The actress and internet celebrity’s daughter Priscilla told us…

Patti passed away last Friday in a hospital in Reno where she was staying, where she was treated for complications related to type 1 diabetes , She has been receiving treatment there. Treated from birth. By the way, this has nothing to do with COVID.Priscilla said her mother’s kidneys are failing-this is the result of her struggles with health and weight for many years.

Despite worrying about health problems, Patty lived her life loudly. She eventually starred in “Jackass 2” in 2006, and in “Jackass 2.5” the following year-playing herself in the comedy skit they filmed with Jason Acuna (aka Wee Man)…and thus became notorious. .This is what they call “magic” movie clips, in which they will make WM disappear. It turns out that the way to do this is to make Patty lie on the bed and jump on him…her body almost surrounds him.

Johnny Knoxville showed up at last and asked aloud where Xiaoman had gone-it was funny.Patty went on to star in an episode of “My Big Fat Fetish”… They showed her sitting on men who wanted to pay for the pleasure. There are other clips of her on the Internet, in which daily activities are seen as a struggle against her.

Her family set up a GoFundMe to help pay for funerals and other expenses-currently, their goal is $6,000. Priscilla also told us, “We want to express our infinite gratitude to everyone for the love and kindness shown to our mother.” She added: “Being able to entertain and bring light and happiness to people is the highlight of her life. She I am very proud of my work in the film industry.”Patty’s four children, her mother and her grandchildren survived. She is 57 years old

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