Death: Harry Styles’ grandfather Brian Shelly dead

A fan account on Twitter has confirmed the death of Brian Shelly grandfather of Harry Styles may he rest in peace. Anne’s father (H’s grandfather) passed away. Sending all my love, thoughts and strength to Anne, Harry, Gemma, and all friends and family for their loss. Let’s respect this difficult time they’re going through. Rest in peace.

Harry Styles’ mother Anne Twist praised her son for helping him take care of his grandfather with Parkinson’s disease.

His grandfather, Brian Shirley, was diagnosed with this disease ten years ago when he was 70 years old, and Harry and his sister Gemma were indispensable in taking care of him. “They are excellent,” my mother told The Sun at the Symfunny No. 2 charity event for Parkinson’s Disease in the UK. “They loved him to death, and he was proud of them.”

Harry is currently working on his solo album and his mom says she is very excited about the new material. She also appreciates that his new solo career gave him more time to spend with her. “My magic …” she says. “Brilliant. I made me cry. It’s very good and it’s a small step forward for him. Harry has been working really hard so obviously I haven’t seen much of him lately. It was nice to be able to spend quality time with nice to be able to spend quality time. again. “One Direction broke up in 2015 and they assured fans that they would reunite, but Anne isn’t sure if they’ll come back.” You never know, “continued. “Never say never. It was great for him. He loved it. He loved every minute of it, and it also got him where he is now.”

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