Ron Bushy-long-time drummer of the rock band Iron Butterfly-has passed away… TMZ understands.Bushy died at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles on Sunday morning-this is what his family said…

Several of them were by his side, including his wife and daughter. We are told that he has been fighting with some form of cancer. This person is the only member of the IB to appear on all six of their albums. Perhaps the most famous is his hit single “In- A-Gadda-Da-Vida” in 1968. The reason why this song is legendary There are many-the most important reason is that it is more than 17 minutes long… and Bushy took 2 to 3 minutes to completely shred the drum.

RB continued to help record their second, third, and fourth albums in the 70s—and then take a break until the group got together again in 1974 and released the first album. 5 and 6. They continued to interfere into the 80s-when the second breakup happened-but they rekindled

In the 70s and 80s, the IB lineup changed notoriously-but Bushy has always remained the same…he usually maintains the rhythm and beat in the studio or on tour.During his tenure at Iron Butterfly, he also worked with other bands-including bands such as Magic and Gold. Due to health issues, Ron hung up from playing full-time in the mid-2010s, but it is reported that…he will be a guest appearance with the new version of the band in a few years’ time.

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