Death: Jean-Pierre Adams: Former PSG player dead after 39 years in coma

Former Senegal and Paris Saint-Germain defender Jean-Pierre Adams has passed away at the age of 73. Former PSG player Jean-Pierre Adams has passed away aged 73 after spending 39 years in a coma. Adams was pronounced dead today at the Nimes University Hospital in France. He had been in a deep coma since March 17th 1982. May he rest in Peace

The defender, who had been in a coma since 1982, died in the intensive care unit of the Nimes Hospital in France this Monday.Jean-Pierre Adams had a torn ligament, and in 1982, an anesthesiologist gave him an overdose of anesthetic in order to lure him to sleep.The unfortunate incident occurred at the Eduardo Helio Hospital in Lyon. This behavior caused the player who suffered from bronchospasm to lose half of his life until his death today.

The anaesthetist and interns were fined $815, including a one-month suspension, which was effective, but could not come close to the pain suffered by the once great and brave central defender.Former France/Senegal Center defender Jean Pierre Adams spent 39 years in the state before his death on Monday.The former Paris Saint-Germain’s backcourt is really solid. In the 1970s, his partner with Marius Tresso was called “Le garde noire (black defender)”.He left his wife Bernadette and his two sons to mourn him.

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