Death: Jeanette Zacarias Zapata dead of head injuries after boxing match – Video

Mexican boxer Jeanette Zacarías Zapata (Jeanette Zacarías Zapata) suffered a traumatic brain injury during a boxing match in Montreal on Saturday night, and then fell into a coma for medical reasons, five days later in Montreal on Thursday afternoon Sacred Heart Hospital died from his injuries. . She that year she was 18 years old.

This news was first reported by ESPN Deportes and DAZN Mexico, and was confirmed in a statement by Yvon Michel, a leading Canadian promoter.

Zapata (2-4, 3 KOs) passed out in the fourth round of the women’s welterweight match against Quebec native Marie-Pier Houle on the Kim Clavel-Maria Soledad Vargas Main Event undercard at IGA Stadium in August. 28 in Montreal.

Michelle, who organized Saturday’s event, issued a statement Thursday night.

The statement read: “We learned from representatives of her family that Jeanette Zacarias Zapata passed away at 3:45 this afternoon, very sad and painful.” “The entire Groupe Yvon Michel team is very sorry for this painful announcement.

“We want to express our deepest condolences to her family, her relatives, her friends, especially her husband, Giovanni Martínez, who has been with her until the last moment of her life.”

The problem started late in the fourth round, when Hull’s uppercut surprised Zapata. Hall then made a series of punches, one of which caused Zapata’s mouthpiece to fly through the air, forcing the referee to announce the cancellation of the game. However, Zapata could not return to her corner. While standing, she began to have seizures, prompting medical professionals to rush toward him. She was taken out on a stretcher, then used an ambulance to take her to a Montreal hospital, where she was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Zapata was in a medical coma and was initially in critical condition. But she began to show slight signs of improvement, which, according to Michelle, was at least enough to rule out the need for surgery.

Michelle told a news conference Sunday: “At first, the doctor wanted to know if she could be stable enough for the surgery.” “On the contrary, her brain condition has improved to the point where surgery is no longer necessary.”

Zapata’s GoFundMe page was launched yesterday, with the goal of raising $ 14,000 to help Zapata’s rehabilitation and medical expenses. As of Thursday night, the fund has raised $ 13,143.

According to Michel’s statement, Zapata’s partner, Martínez, also fought on the same card Saturday night and did not want to comment on his late wife.

The statement continued: “Giovanni is very upset, very upset.” “In this case, you do not want to comment, so we ask that you respect his decision and allow the privacy of his family.”

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