Death: Jeanne Robertson professional speaker is dead

RIP Jeanne Robertson. I would have loved to meet this lady in my lifetime but thank goodness there’s plenty of videos.

Jeanne Robertson (Jeanne Robertson) is a professional speaker, good at telling funny humor based on her life experience. Speaking to thousands of people each year, she uses her positive and funny style to illustrate that humor is not just a joke. This is a successful strategy.

Other speakers can be as resourceful as Jenny. Some can even be that tall. (She is barefoot, her hair “flattened”, and she is 6 feet 2 inches tall in size 11B socks). But you can’t find a speaker who has so cleverly transformed personal experiences into interesting material, not just eliciting laughter. Sound. The winner of Miss Congeniality at the Miss America pageant, “Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrs” quoted Jenny and used her southern accent to make the audience laugh … and think about her message.

Jenny’s success as a comedian has not been ignored by her peers. She has received all of the major honors from her in her career, including the Cavite Award, the highest award for professional public speaking. She is also a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame and received the Golden Gavel Award from Toastmasters International. She also like to go home. Jenny was named North Carolina by the North Carolina Press Association in 2001. Jenny was recently awarded the Master of Influence Award by the National Speakers Association.

She may have seen this Hall of Fame speaker being interviewed by CBS reporter Morley Safer on “60 Minutes.” .. Or she watched one of the eight humorous DVDs she made in the last 18 years. .. Or listen to the Sirius / XM Radio family comedy channel every day. .. Or she participated in a comedy show “Just Jeanne” in theaters across the country. .. Or saw the YouTube clip of her, which has been viewed over 100 million times. However, you can only truly appreciate why you are at the top of her career if you have seen Jenny in person at one of the thousands of speeches or stage performances of her in the last 56 years.

Jenny Robertson is very interesting. Oh yeah. She also knows that her work is more than fun. Her message is that a sense of humor is an attitude, a way of working with others. She believes that this humorous attitude can be developed and improved, and she described how to do it while she draws audiences with interesting and original stories.

Sit back and enjoy the YouTube clip below. Or, to see more information, click YouTube. You will understand why the title of the joint television segment about Jenny’s work is “Grandma’s Popularity.” Of course yes! People are laughing everywhere, have fun!

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  1. I am saddened by this news. Fortunately, I saw her in person a few years ago. Fabulous lady. My sympathy to the family. She was cherished and loved by fans everywhere.


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