DEath: Jill Murphy is dead, The author of the worst witch dies at 72

Murphy was born in London and showed an interest in writing and drawing when he was 6 years old; Although he did not excel in other school subjects, he created his own handwriting and illustrations while he was still in the elementary school book library. He enjoys reading boarding school stories, which provided him with materials and inspiration for Miss Karkel College in the Worst Witch series. He attended Wimbledon Ursula High School. She grew up as a Roman Catholic, but she no longer practiced. Her full-time mother is a “book nut”, and her father is an Irish engineer.

She continued writing for a year in a village in Togo, West Africa, and later worked as a nanny in England. After receiving a rejection letter from the publisher who provided him with the book (as he recalled, “They said the children would be scared at witch school …”), [8] In 1970, when he was 21 years old, he decided to [ 9] [10] to test the young company Allison and Busby, he said: “I’m glad to find that the publisher is as weird as I am.” [5] “They immediately accepted and printed 5000 copies, I remember wanting to know how many aunts and uncles there are, and what will we do with the rest,” he said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. [11] However, the book turned out to be a immediate success and sold two months after its publication in 1974. [12] Murphy continued to babysit until the publication of “The Worst Witch Strikes Again” in 1980 started her writing career.

Murphy began writing “The Worst Witch” when she was still in school, “the magical story of an accident-prone girl who tries to walk the dark corridors and the magical codes of Miss Karkel’s Witch Academy”, but lost the book while he was at school. Chelsea and Croydon School of Art.

Children’s writer Gil Murphy died at the age of 72 after battling cancer.

Murphy, who wrote the famous book “The Worst Witch”, died in Cornwall, with his son Charlie and his niece Elizabeth at his side.

She wrote the Worst Witch series Credit: Brochure
Charlie paid tribute to her and said: “I think there is a mother like me who is very lucky to be able to sum up the feeling of her absence.

She “She has an incomparable character, warmth and vitality. She I miss her so much already.”

Pamela Todd, Murphy’s friend and agent for over 30 years, added: “It’s a sad day for children’s books. Jill is so creative, beautiful, and fun.

“Her genius about her is that both children and adults can connect with her stories, and she wrote and explained these stories herself.

“Children who grew up in peace, whatever happens next! Large families now buy books for their children’s children.

“The girl who created playground equipment around Mildred Hub and hers from her classmates now directs, produces and performs the worst witches and theater performances of a television series and won the Olivier award last year.

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