Death: Journalist Olatz Vázquez dead at the age of 27, who recounted her experience with cancer

According to a family report to Cadena SER, the reporter and photographer Olatz Vázquez died of stomach cancer with abdominal metastases in the early hours of this Friday at the age of 27. Since she decided to show her experience on social networks, the young woman living in Euskadi has become a symbol of the fight against the disease, with special emphasis on how the pandemic affects other diseases, which are diagnosed very late, as it was in the same situation, he was two months late.

Vázquez is a writer for XL Semanal, Vogue, Cadena SER, Radio 3 and EL PAÍS. In May this year, his work was exhibited at the Belgrade International Photography Festival. In 2020 he participated in the photographic exhibition Historia de una Leica by James Rhodes and in the Glitch Chiks photographic exhibition by Espacio Cómplice at the Leica Gallery in Madrid.

In June of last year, he revealed his condition on social media. “I never thought I would say this, but I have cancer. Stomach cancer. I still have a hard time writing about it, and it is more difficult to read, but I know that it is part of the process: accepting and normalizing a life with a serious illness. I want to share this moment with you, because my greatest inspiration for photography is my life, and this is my life now. “

On August 19, Vázquez said in his last Instagram post that he had had “very, very, very difficult weeks” and that he came in with some complications. “I have forgotten the time, if you were there [in the hospital]. I lost my weight, appearance and independence. I am sorry to tell you that I have lost the Olatz that used to be,” he wrote.

The reporter regretted that this disease made her “a person totally dependent on her family” because her life has always been linked to parenteral nutrition and nasogastric tubes. “I hope that as more and more cables that I have laid are removed, I can hit the streets as soon as possible. So. Be patient. And faith. I think everything will be fine,” she added.

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