Death, María Mendiola, member of the mythical group Baccara, dead at 69

The Spanish artist (Luxembourg in 1978 with Mayte Mateos) has died after fighting a serious illness. The Eurovision family say goodbye to you with love!

Today, at 12 noon on Saturday, September 11, 2021, María Mendiola left us. Half of the mythical Baccara group, although Spanish, represented Luxembourg in 1978. She died after fighting a serious illness, and her family gave a brief statement to her colleagues in “Shanghai” magazine:

She died surrounded by relatives. The singer, dancer and founder of the duo Baccara let us dance to songs like Yes Sir I Can Boogie, Sorry I’m Lady, Parlez-vous Français, etc. Her love will be forever remembered by people, and her love for music and interpreting dedication and respect from the world. We will always remember your smile.

As far as she is concerned, her current partner in the Baccara duo, Christina Seville, confirmed it on the group’s Instagram: “It’s hard for me to post this … my dear María, an excellent artist, but the most important thing is my friend, who today he left us.

Words cannot speak … I can only thank you for the love you have given me and tell you what I have had many opportunities to tell you in my life: I love you ”.

María Mendiola and Mayte Mateos together form a 50% stake in Baccara. Despite being Spanish, they represented Luxembourg in 1978 and became a successful phenomenon alongside the famous Parlez-vous Français®. They awarded the small principality seventh with 73 points.

The origins of the Baccara duo date back to 1974, when its two original members Mayte Mateos (Logroño, February 7, 1951) and María Mendiola (Madrid, April 4, 1952) were in Spain Meeting in the stable ballet of the TV . station. They are both trained and professional dancers. In 1976, at Maria’s suggestion, they decided to form a Venus duet and made their debut at a party hall in Zaragoza, but they thought they were too fired for elegance and unfit for the ballroom. More inclined to this branch of art. Their television debut took place in the Palmarés show in early 1977.

Their big break came when they were working at the Hotel Tres Islas in Fuerteventura, and they were seen by Leon Deane, director of RCA’s German subsidiary, and offered a contract. record company. In Hamburg. Maria, who speaks English, served as a bridge and was launched in 1977 with the name Bacaara and the logo of the long-stemmed rose.

Composer Rolf Soja is in charge of starting his career and will be the author and director of his Eurovision songs. From then on, their career as a duo will be dazzling: their first single. Yes sir, I can dance, because I cannot find a suitable interpreter, I have hidden songs in the drawer for a few years. The release of the first Baccara album will exceed 55 million copies worldwide, which will be the best-selling album record in history. The women’s team ranks first in Germany, Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, Russia and even Japan. From the beginning of their careers, another characteristic that defines the duo is the suit, Maria always wears white and Mette wears black. The second single “Sorry, I am a lady” will also exceed 5 million copies. Along with the previous single, it will become one of his most remembered songs, and he will become famous for not staying in a popular group.

After representing Germany at the Tokyo Yamaha Music Festival in 1977, he won only 14th place with the song Mad in Madrid.

Did you win the Eurovision and Parlez-vous Français preselection organized by Luxembourg TV in 1978? Who will finish seventh in Paris and will obtain the highest score from the Spanish jury. This song has achieved great sales success in many countries and will be featured on his second LP, Light My Fire (1978), which also includes another best-selling book, Darling. La Bamba and Adelita were included in the Spanish version of the album. His international victories are huge, continually appearing on television around the world, including countries like Japan and the former Soviet Union. In Germany, they won the Bambi award in 1978, which is one of the most important awards in the country. In 1978, a new single “The Devil Sent You to Laredo” was released, which achieved a new international success and continues to be remembered.

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