Death: Michael K. Williams (Omar from “The Wire” was found dead in his NYC apartment) is dead

Michael K. Williams’ death got me really thinking man Everyday really is a gift Tomorrow is not promised Do the thing that’s on your heart today.

Law enforcement sources told the Washington Post that on Monday afternoon, the Telegraph actor Michael K. Williams (Michael K. Williams) was found dead in his penthouse in Brooklyn, suspected of taking a drug overdose.The source said that drug paraphernalia was found in the apartment, which indicates that the 54-year-old TV star may have died of heroin or fentanyl.

“No foul play was indicated,” a police source said. “There is no forced entry, the apartment is in order.”According to sources, Williams was found dead by his nephew in his living room on the Kent Avenue Mat in the luxurious high-rise building in Williamsburg.The Flatbush native is famous for his role as Omar Little in the gritty TV series “The Wire” and Chalky White in “Boardwalk Empire”.For many years, Williams has been talking publicly about his personal struggle with drugs, including during the filming of “The Wire”, he said that playing Little, the role of a robbery drug dealer, had an impact on his real life.

Michael K. Williams was praised for playing Omar in “The Wire.”Michael K. Williams was praised for playing Omar in “The Wire.”©HBO/ Courtesy of Everett CollectionThe critically acclaimed actor told NPR in 2016 that he accidentally broke into a church in New Jersey, desperately seeking help for drug rehabilitation.”When I walked through those doors, I was broken. … I would say, this is in… the third season of’The Wire’,” Williams said.”I’m taking drugs. …I am in danger of ruining all my hard work. When I walked through those doors, I encountered a person who had never even heard of’The Wire’, and more Needless to say who has seen it,” he said, referring to the pastor.”I wrote down my full name-Michael Kenneth Williams-and in the office, [the pastor] turned around and he said,’Then what do you want to be called, buddy?’ Say,’Well, you know, my name is Michael, but I can be Mike.’ He said,’Why does everyone say,’Omar, Omar is in trouble?’ “I thought,’Oh , This guy knows nothing,'” Williams said.

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