Death Mother of Larry Modowo, Treazer Anyango Madowo is dead

“My grandmother, the family matriarch, our heartbeat, my comedy partner, the dearly loved Francesca Madowo has joined the ancestors. I am numb. My heart has been ripped from my chest. Light has gone out of my life. Nind gi kwe, min Omollo”.

The popular TV presenter Larry Madovo revealed other details. His mother Treze Anyango Madovo is a primary school teacher and a department of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Officials, he actively participated in the teachers’ strike in 1997.

Mother is a P1 teacher and was trained at the Thogoto Teacher Training Academy. The NTV anchor revealed that his mother raised him and his sister Liz Madowo with her meager salary as a tutor. As a little boy, he observed that his mother worked hard to provide for the family and worked smoothly between teachers and businesswomen to supplement her meager salary.

Losing a parent is one of the most destructive things that can happen to a child. The death of the parents is a huge loss.Despite losing his parents at the age of 14, Larry Madowo has established himself as one of the most well-known figures in Kenyan television, desperate to succeed in life.In an interview with Voice of Africa on CNN, Larry said that his childhood brought many challenges. The fact that he is a poor orphan did not prevent him from pursuing success.”I grew up with no privileges. My earliest memory is that there is nothing other children have. I would go to school and listen to other children talking about what their father and mother did, but I didn’t.” He said.He is a Kenyan journalist and news anchor, specializing in technology, current affairs and entertainment

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