Death: Uhammad Aming Salleh Abdullah, brother of Adik Aming Tawau, is dead

Children who have been infected on social networks through their funny videos; Muhammad Aming’s brother was reported to have died at his home in Tawau early Thursday morning.

Aming’s younger brother died after suffering shortness of breath around 1:30 this morning.

A boy from Tawau made a video that went viral on the internet last year and became very famous on the internet, because the video recommended that people wear a mask when encountering covid-19. . He passed away today. He was only 8 years old and his name was Mohamed Amin Sal Abdullah. According to media reports, he died at 1:30 in the afternoon due to breathing difficulties.

There is a Facebook identifier called “Mhd Aming”, which transmits the remains of the children, which the family is preparing for burial at his home in Tawau. Often known as Adik Aiming, he has won the hearts of millions on Facebook, and the videos he produced speak with such a mature and appropriate pause, even though he was only 7 at the time, which was a craziness. Child.

With over 113,000 fans on his Facebook page, his most famous video was uploaded on October 27, in which he inspires and educates people on the rules to follow in this era of covid-19. This video is very sweet and educational at the same time. The Chief Minister also shared security issues when he appointed Datuk Seri Ismail Sabriy Kubu, who is now Prime Minister.

Ismail posted a tweet today in which he describes how kind and smart the boy was and how sad he was when he found out about his death. It seems that the little boy is in front of him all his life, but he does not last long. This is a sad survival, the moment of his banquet, so many people suffer all over the world and he smiles at the human. face. Expensive, and make sure everyone follows the rules, making it a lifesaver.

His death shocked everyone, condolences were expressed on the Internet for this child, everyone watched the video of him desperate to commemorate him because they remembered him through old videos of him. We express our condolences and prayers to the relatives and friends of the deceased.

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