Death, Nicolás Nardelli, shareholder and member of Vicentín, dead

According to media from the region, Nicolas Nardelli was found dead during the night of this Wednesday, in a house in Campo Timbó, Santa Fe province. The 37-year-old boy was one of the shareholders of the Vicentín Firm and according to official sources, he took his own life.

A call to the 9th Police Station of Timbúes alerted about the fact being around 9 pm. The uniformed men were present in the indicated house and verified the presence of the man without signsvitos. Everything indicates that he took his own life, according to the first official versions. For now, the San Lorenzo Prosecutor’s Office intervenes and according to the Regional Information medium, the body will be sent to an autopsy for the pertinent proceedings.

The news of the boy’s tragic end shook the region in the last hours. He is one of the Owners of the Vicentin Export Primary Products Firm, whose shipping terminal is located in San Lorenzo, Santa Fe province.

It should be noted that in 2019, the company declared itself in a situation of “financial stress” due to a large debt, mainly to Banco Nación. In 2020 its intervention was announced by decree and a bill for the expropriation of its assets was sent to Congress, with the aim of transforming it into a public company. There he began a strong debate that seemed to be settled after a proposal from the Santa Fe government.

On the other hand, on August 12, 2020, his father, Sergio Nardelli, CEO and visible face of the Firm’s journey that led to an economic, financial and social scandal, died of a massive heart attack.

Currently, Governor Omar Perotti is trying to set up a trust under the province’s controls to run the company until a new joint venture is formed.

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