Death: Óscar Sánchez Zafra, actor of ‘La Casa de Papel’ dead

The successful television series “La casa de Papel” is in mourning Actor Oscar Sánchez Zafra (Óscar Sánchez Zafra), who played the father of “Leo” starring Miguel Heran, “Paco”, died at age 52.

His role appeared in the production of the first season broadcast on the Netflix platform, and he was remembered for trying to persuade “Rio” not to participate in the robbery of the stamp and national currency factory.

The Spanish Cast Committee announced the news.After the release of the images of the fifth and final season of this great series, the program will be divided into two parts, which will premiere on September 3 and December 3, 2021 .

So far the cause of his death is still unknown, although no actor on the show expressed his condolences, many fans still remember him fondly.

In addition, he has left a huge gap in the Spanish theaters and cinemas in which he has participated for many years.

Among Sánchez’s films are: “If they give it to me, I accept them”, “Around the world”, “Flow”, “Maras” from 2005 and series of films such as “Rec 2” and “Central Hospital”.

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