Death: Photos by photographer Xavier Mercadé is dead

Xavier Mercadé is an important musical photojournalist in Catalonia over the last 4 years
His profession is expounded to Enderrock journal, he is without doubt one of the founders of the journal and accountable for pictures.
His file comprises greater than 1 million images of 14,000 live shows of the exhibition “Rock Vivo” in Palau, Barcelona.

The musical photoperiodist Xavier Mercadé (Barcelona, ​​1967-2021) died this afternoon, 54 years in the past, after an extended battle towards most cancers, which didn’t stop him from persevering with to develop his ardour for the business on his final journey. For the previous 40 years, he has been utilizing his objective to predecide the historical past of dwell Catalan music. The archive of greater than 1 million images taken in additional than 14,000 live shows is a beneficial heritage that has been a testomony to the evolution of the Catalan and worldwide music scene.

The individual accountable for the pictures of the Enderrock journal devoted his intense life of affection and dedication to music by the pictures.

Along with his work at Enderrock, he has additionally narrated the chronicles of El Punt Avui (2005-12) and RockSee the Vilaweb block (2006-15), in addition to in a number of musical publications (Rockdelux, Ruta 66, Rolling Stone and Steel Hammer) ., Y su first fan journal of Neón, Voll-Ker …). Because of the help and the digital camera that his brother provided him José, Mercad began his profession in pictures and expanded his research within the Escuela de Medios Audiovisuales de Barcelona in 1984.

A lo Largo de Su Carrera, Xavier Mercadé Confirmed the Umpah-Pah Consuming Previous (2009), No quiero cambiar Goat Soup (2010), Subsequent Visible (2013), Born to Muuu (2013), Euskal Herria Sona (2017) ) Y Sidecar: 1000 images, 5000 live shows (2017), and so on. As well as, he has printed quite a few pictures books, similar to “Rock Ardour: Finest Live performance Pictures” (La Máscara, 1999), Leap Rock (self-edited, 2009), “Freaks: The Hidden Aspect of Rock” (Cuarantena, 2010 ), Odio la obeyed: various scenes within the 80s (Cuarenten, 2011), stray bullets: what’s within the XX siglo (66 rpm, 2012) and a path in Spain (Cuarentena, 2014).

El Palau Robert de Barcelona hosted the Rock Vivo exhibition, which featured 300 personally chosen pictures -a particular subject 300 that reads from the Enderrock magazine- and which is scheduled to finish this Sunday, August twenty ninth.

There may be additionally a digital model of the exhibition on the internet, and the picture is commented by the propio Xavier Mercadé.

Along with his skilled worth, Xavier Mercadé can be a person very a lot appreciated by colleagues and plenty of musicians. instance of this respect may be seen within the opening ceremony of the Rock Vive del Palau Robert exhibition.

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