Death: Popular Kenyan DJ Rema has dead, apparently committed suicide

Popular Kenyan DJ Rema has died, famous for songs listed below:

2. Rema – Spiderman
3. Rema – Why
4. Rema – American Love
5. Rema – Rainbow
6. Rema – Rampage
7. Rema – Trap Out The Submarine
8. Rema – Rich Girls Like Me
9. Rema – Call Me Rema
10. Rema – Corny
11. Rema – Bad Commando
12. Rema – Rewind
13. Rema – Beamer (Bad Boys)
14. Rema – Iron Man
15. Rema – Dumebi (Feat. Jayceeoh & Henry Fong Remix)
16. Rema – Dumebi
17. Rema – Dumebi (Feat. Becky G)
18. Rema – Dumebi Vandalized (Feat. Jarreau Vandal)
19. Rema – Spaceship
20. Rema – This fame
21. Rema – Boulevard
22. Rema – Dumebi (feat. Matoma)
23. Rema – Lady
24. Rema – Dumebi (Major Lazer Remix)
25. Outro – DJ OP Dot I Love Youuuuu

After news of the sudden death of a popular host spread to the social media space, Kenya’s entertainment industry fell apart once again.

DJ Rema’s hot mix is Matatu’s favorite. He died after allegedly committing suicide for unknown reasons. This surprised a lot of people because he was a regular on Citizen TV’s One Love Reggae show, and also on Mount Kenya TV. Presenter.

It has not been revealed what caused him to commit suicide, but we can be sure that after he denied his death along with his family and close friends, the entertainment industry was incredible.

DJ Rema has been mourned by his close DJ friends, and some of his friends are still in shock after hearing the news.

“This is sadly writing #RIPfriend. Please God we pray in times of trouble, and when we ask for help, come and save us. Please young people, do not commit suicide,” Dr. Eddie Gathenge wrote on Facebook.

On the other hand, DJ Qariz Kenya wrote: “It is hard to believe that you are no longer a RIP DJ REMA 254”.

Recently, it has been reported that most young people struggle with depression in silence without talking to close people.

Our largest Kaka Brotherhood expresses its condolences to DJ Rema’s family and friends.

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