Death: PT Usha coach OM Nambiar dead at 89

Famous sports coach, CEO of M Nambiar (90) passes. He was the coach of many, including Olympian PT Usha, who had been in treatment for a long time after a stroke.

He received the Padma Shri award and the Dronacharya award. He is the first winner of the Dronacharya award in India. Nambiar gained more fame and recognition as the coach of PT Usha. He coached PT Usha at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Former track and field coach OM Nambiar passed away on Thursday at the age of 89. Nambiar is one of the best athletes in India, PT Usha.

Former track and field coach OM Nambiar passed away on Thursday at the age of 89. Nambiar is one of the best athletes in India, PT Usha. In 2021, Namibia won Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award for Indians. He also won the Dronacharya award in 1985. Nambiar served in the Indian Air Force for 15 years and retired as a sergeant in 1970.

He obtained his coaching diploma from NIS-Patiala in 1968 and joined the Kerala Sports Commission in 1971. His task is to find talented athletes in the state. In addition to Usha, he has coached several international medal-winning athletes, including Shiny Wilson and Vandana Rao.

It is Nambiar’s “lifelong dream” to win an Olympic medal for his most famous community, Usha. Keralite attaches great importance to talent and was aware of Usha’s talent very early on. Nambiar guided her through adolescence and convinced her to try the 400-meter hurdles before the 1984 Olympics because he thought PT Usha was likely to win a medal.

He almost proved that he was right. Nambiar won the Dronacharya award in 1985 and remains one of the most respected sports coaches in India. Nambiar is very concerned and very against the use of performance enhancing drugs. He said that due to lax testing and standards, sports competitions in India are rife with abuse. He believes this is why Indian athletes perform so poorly internationally, where regulations are much stricter.

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