Death: RAGE founding guitarist Jochen Schroeder dead

Guitarist Jochen Schroeder, one of the founding members of the German heavy metal band RAGE, has passed away. It is revealed on the band’s SNS. Jochen has been a member of the band since its formation in 1984, when the band began working under the name Avenger, and has been with us until 1987. According to the band’s statement, after leaving the music industry, he left the music industry and lived a private life. The cause of death is still unknown.

Next, from the band’s statement:

“It is our deepest regret to announce that Avenger / RAGE co-founder and guitarist Jochen Schrader passed away. From 1982 to 1987, Jochen was not only a guitarist for Avenger / RAGE, but also co-composed many of their early songs. He was A major driving force in the development of the band, and his unique idea made the band his own.He established his style.

Jochen has been away from the music business for a long time and has been spending more and more time in private in recent years. Unfortunately, the exact cause of his death. The situation is unknown at this time. We mourn the death of a great bandmate who died too soon.

Peter “Pee Vee” Wagner:

I am deeply saddened by the obituary of Jochen, an old friend and member of the band. We haven’t been in touch for the past few years, but you will always remember the fun and exciting time we spent together. At that time, Jochen taught me a lot. I am grateful to him. In life, we rarely meet people who inspire us to guide us to the right path. Jochen was such a person to me and I couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks, Jochen. I wish you a happy journey … Peavey “

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