Death: Rosita Quintana, actress of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, dead

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but the Mexican Trinidad Rosa Quintana Muñoz, better known in her films as Rosita Quintana, and the golden age of Mexican cinema collaborate with the highest representatives. During her prolific acting career, she worked with Luis Buñuel, Germán Valdés ‘Tin Tán’ and Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Joaquín Pardavé and Fernando Soler worked with great figures of the time.

Rosita Quintana, a famous actress and legend of Mexican cinema, passed away at the age of 96. The interpreter born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she participated in different works of the golden age of Mexican cinema after working with Jorge Negrete, and she stood out in Mexico.

In the live broadcast of the Hoy de Televisa program, it was announced that the famous Rosita Quintana had died at the age of 96. By way of applause, by way of farewell and a brief introduction to her artistic career, the death of the Mexican film translator was announced.

The death of Rosita Quintana was also announced in the official account of the National Association of Actors.

Rosita Quintana, whose real name is Trinidad Rosa Quintana Muñoz, is a prominent figure in the golden age of Mexican cinema. The actress, singer and songwriter was born on July 16, 1925 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ella rosita ella participated in 19 Mexican films between 1948 and 1960. Among them are “Ailelos Mendoza” (1948); Calabacitas Tender (1949), with the actors of Tin Tan and Amalia Aguilar; Susanna (1951), directed by Luis Buñuel; And El mil amores (1954), and Pedro Infante.

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