Death: Sheriff Patrick “Pat” Madison is dead, Coral Springs Police Officer for COVID-19

Sheriff Patrick “Pat” Madison, an honorary member of the Coral Springs Police Department for 15 years, died Friday of complications from COVID-19.

According to a statement from Chief Clyde Parry, Sgt. Madison’s death was tragic and untimely. We take it off too soon.

“Announcing the death of one of our members is the hardest thing I have to do as a police chief. Especially when that member has a great impact on our organization and has a bright future,” Chief Pari said. “Pat’s life is serving others. Pat is a leader to his colleagues, a friend to many people, and a mentor to future law enforcement officers in our Explorer program.”

Sergeant. Madison is 43 years old and graduated from the University of the South and the College of Agriculture and Engineering. Sergeant Madison joined the Coral Springs Police Department in 2006.

After patrolling the highway for three years, he was selected as an on-site training officer to help new recruits learn how to provide effective and safe law enforcement services to the community.

In 2012, Sgt. Madison transferred to the Youth Liaison Group, where he served as a School Resource Officer (SRO) at Sawgrass Springs Middle School and later Coral Springs High School. Many students, parents, and teachers will remember Pat as a mentor during his time as SRO.

As an advisor to our Police Explorer program, Sgt. Madison instilled the importance of public service in young people interested in working in law enforcement. While working in the Office of Youth Liaison, Pat found and helped families in need, and regularly participated in community outreach programs.

Sergeant. Madison was promoted to sheriff in 2018 and returned to the highway patrol. After leading his team for two years, Pat was selected to oversee the general investigation in 2020.

According to Chief Parry, “Pat is an incredible leader and his passion for the job outweighs his commitment to the community and the citizens he serves.”

“Pat is recognized by his peers and the community for his excellent service, as evidenced by the many awards and honors he has received. Pat is a servant leader and his unwavering support of the men and women he oversees fully demonstrates his character and commitment to them. He’s the kind of boss everyone wants to work for. “

Sergeant. Madison’s son Patrick Jr. (PJ), his fiancee Hazel Mullings, his mother Charlotte Madison, his brother Carl Madison and his sister Dietress Johnson (Deatreaus Johnson) survived.

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