Death shooting today at Metairie gas station has had long lines after Hurricane Ida

According to the United States Sheriff’s Office Diocese of Jefferson, a driver shot and killed another while refueling at a Metairie gas station on Friday afternoon, causing a devastating blow to southeastern Louisiana during the hurricane. Going. Later, there was a long line at the gas station.

The killer fled the scene.In a briefing with reporters, Sergeant Joseph Lopinto told the man to surrender to investigators, adding that the police officer had many witnesses and even photographs of cars that had been driven. Escape.

“No one needs to die from fucking gasoline today,” Lopinto said excitedly, outside the scene of the fatal shooting, at the Chevron station in the 2300 block of Clearview Parkway. “This is absolutely ridiculous.”

Lopinto did not identify any potential suspects, although he said the killer had left with the others in the car. He also did not reveal the name of the murdered, although he said the shooting appeared to have broken out due to the emotions of the long lines at the gas station.

“It’s crazy taking a gun to the gas station to do this kind of thing,” he said.

Attempts to contact the gas station management were not immediately successful.

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