Death: Sir Raymund Isaac is dead

Our heartfelt condolences to Sir Raymund Isaac’s family and friends. We will forever be grateful for the love and dedication that he has given for the Gameboys Family. May his soul rest in peace.

Always in my heart… please. When you see my dad, say hello to him in heaven. Sayan. Madami pa tayo shoots gagawin sana…I love you, dear…As a tribute…I want to post our first photo of bagtikan pa here… .. Decades ago. “On August 28, Isaac’s partner Jason Vincent wrote on Facebook: “Menmen/Raymund is very stable today.

He is still intubated and sedated in the ICU. The medical team closely monitors his condition, and I receive regular reports. To reports on his O2 level, blood pressure and other organ functions. Although his condition changes from time to time, I know he is struggling.”We all need to continue fighting with him through prayer. He still needs all of us. From day one, your prayer, care and care have been the source of our strength. God has been blessing us with “angels”. We are very grateful for your prayers, unconditional support and love. Please be with us until you are discharged from the hospital. Thank you. Keep it well. Sincerely bless you!”

On July 24, Raymond wrote on FB: “My friends, I need all your prayers now. Due to lack of oxygen, I was taken to the CMPC SAN FO Hospital this morning. Due to Covid regulations, I was alone in the hospital. . It’s scary to be in a place where you don’t know anyone. Please include me in your prayers.”

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