Death: Sonny Chiba dead 82 years old infected with the new covid

Actor Sonny Chiba died in a hospital in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture at 5:26 p.m. in 1982.

According to people familiar with the matter, he became infected with the new coronavirus in late July. He was not hospitalized for treatment for a while, but recently his symptoms deteriorated and he was hospitalized.

Sonny Chiba dies 82 years old infected with the new crown and recently hospitalized due to worsening symptoms

Actor Shinichi Chiba passed away at Kimitsu Hospital in Chiba Prefecture at 5:26 pm on the 19th due to novel coronavirus pneumonia. 82 years. On the same day, the branch announced.

According to the office, Mr. Chiba has been hospitalized since August 8 due to the worsening of a new coronary pneumonia. He had been in a state of continuous oxygen inhalation, but died without recovering.

Chiba was born in 1939 and hails from Fukuoka Prefecture. In 1968, he became popular when he appeared on the TBS television series “Key Hunter.” In addition, he also starred in the movie “Kill Bill”, “Wild Speed X3 TOKYO DRIFT”, the Fuji TV series “Shadow Warrior” and the NHK Dahe drama “Kazan Kazan”. As an action star representing Japan, he is popular abroad and is called “Sunny Chiba”.

In private life, he was an actor in 1973, he married Nogi and Yoko and divorced in 1994. His daughter is the actress Yuri Mase (46 years old). He later remarried. His children are actors Mackenyu Nitta (24) and Atsushi Maeda (21).

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