Death: Stage and film actor Metin Çekmez is dead

Stage and film actor Metin Çekmez, whose name we also remember from the TV series Feriha Koydum, passed away in the hospital where he was treated in Aydın.

Metin Cekmez, Turkish actor of drama, film and series. The artist graduated in private journalism and got to know the theater in 1962 through the play “Hamlet”.

In the relationship between master and apprentice, he continued to develop as a “bum.” In 1970, he joined the staff of the Istanbul City Theater.

Metin Çekmez was a stage, film and television actor who had been battling cancer and died at Aydin Ataturk State Hospital, where he was treated.

A long time cancer fighting player he is 76 years old.

No text capture Death shocked his artist friend. Celebrities expressed their feelings on their social media accounts …

Brother Metin, you are a very real person … our conversation has been on my mind. It is an honor to play with you … Your father’s attitude will occupy a place in his heart. I’m sorry you’re in heaven.

Some productions in which Metin Çakmez acted:

  • Sweet tongue: Ertem Eğilmez – 1972
  • Liar Half – 1973
  • Skip Gel Şaban – 1984
  • Honorable – 1984
  • Frogs – 1985
  • Super Baba – 1993
  • Commissioner Şekspir: Sinan Çetin – 2000
  • I called him Feriha – Rıza Yılmaz – 2011
  • Casa de Leyla – 2012
  • 20 Minutes – 2013

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