Death: Student activist Yusuf Nurudeen (Omomeewa) shot dead near LASU

Radical student Yusuf Nurudeen from Lagos State University, commonly known as Omomeewa, was shot.

On Thursday, the LASU Student Union announced his death in a press release.

The conclusion is that the militant who married about six months ago was shot and killed near LASU on Iba Road.

The student union stated in a statement from its president Badmus Uthman and the union’s public relations officer Olusola Kolawole that the thieves had killed the militant.

The activist recently appeared before the school’s disciplinary committee for illegal possession of university documents.

The full text of the statement reads as follows: “The Lagos State University Student Union is very sad to announce that our dear union members and social activists have campaigned for the right to education, which is known as the disappearance of Founder Kumar Yusuf Nurudeen Alowonle (Omomeewa).

“Omomeewa is a student and human rights activist, and also graduated from Lagos State University (Union 2019). She graduated from Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education.

“Nuruddin ran for the presidency of the Lagos State University Student Union in the 29th LASUSU election, but failed. He is a strong activist and has never been convicted of any illegal activity.

“On August 18, 2021, Nurudeen (Omomeewa) and a staff member named MAJEK from Lagos State University were attacked with firearms near LASU around 10pm.

“It is understood that both were shot and killed. Mr. MAJEK was injured and hospitalized in the school clinic.

“When the union was informed tonight. The union went to the school clinic to get some data from MAJEK, and he confirmed that they had collected his bag, including his mobile phone.

“Later, the union checked all the surrounding hospitals, including the police station, where they told us that Nuruddin was dead and his body was in the continental hospital.

“The Lagos State University Student Union mourns the death of a colleague, brother and leader!”

Before his death, Nuruddin stated that he was being investigated by LASU management due to his opposition to anti-student and anti-worker policies.

“Everyone will remember that someone tried to frame me in an admission extortion case. This is in opposition to my principled opposition to the anti-students and anti-students of the university administration as a prominent member of the Educational Rights Movement (ERC) and a well-known student activist on campus. Retaliation for anti-worker policies, “Nurudeen previously wrote in a press release.

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