Death, Tariq Ismail Sagar is dead, Author of 65 NOvels & 23 Drama Serials

TARIQ ISMAIL SAGAR Author of 65 NOvels & 23 Drama Serials Passed Away Today.

The most shocking and breaking news of this hour is that the most talented and experienced novelist and defense analyst Tariq Ismail Sagar has passed away at the age of 68. The novelist’s actual cause of death has not yet been unanimously agreed by the family and colleagues of the deceased, but it is speculated that the cause of death was an age-related health problem, thereby enhancing the original and correct cause of his death. The family of the deceased was in a state of shock and still couldn’t believe that the person he loved was no longer in this world. For his peaceful and happy soul, they began to pay tribute and tribute to him. There is no statement from the family of the deceased, but it is assumed that they will definitely bring an accurate report on the death of the loved one.

Tariq Ismail Sagar is a contemporary Pakistani novelist in Urdu. Tariq Ismail Sagar is one of Pakistan’s most famous contemporary writers of Urdu novels. He served as a novelist, journalist, playwright, and current affairs expert with an iron fist. Electronic and paper media icons.

People with more than 60 books, 23 series and thousands of articles. He is the one who provided the breakthrough script for the film “Salakhein” for the Pakistani film industry. A person who has firm control over the operation of global intelligence services and networks. A man named one of the best-selling novelists in South Asia. His books are very popular. People all over the world are waiting for his work. In fact, many of his books have been translated into English for use by non-Urdu speakers. Hundreds of papers are about his writings and services. There is no doubt that he is a living legend in Pakistan

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