Death, Thanu Padmanabhan is dead, physics professor and scientist

The famous physics professor and scientist Thanu Padmanaban died of a heart attack. He is 64 years old. Thanu Padmanabhan is a professor at the IndoCity Space Research Center in Pune.

He studies universal gravitation, quantum physics and the structure of the universe. He has published more than 300 research papers in international scientific journals and is the author of scientific papers. In 2007, he was awarded Padmasambhava by the central government. Recently, the Kerala Science and Technology Commission awarded him the “Kerala Shastra Puras Karam” and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

He is a visiting professor at American and European universities and lives in Pune. He was taken to the hospital after a heart attack yesterday. He died there. The Chief Minister of Kerala, Binarayi Vijayan and many others, including scientists, are mourning his death. Thanu Padmanabhan’s wife and daughter are also physicists

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