Death: The Princess of Liechtenstein, Marie von Zu Liechtenstein, dies

The Princess of Liechtenstein, Marie von Zu Liechtenstein, passed away at 4:43 pm on August 21, 2021. At Grabs Hospital.

“Princess Marie von Zu Liechtenstein of Liechtenstein died at Grabs Hospital at 4:43 pm on August 21, 2021. After her health steadily deteriorated after a stroke on August 18, 2021, she was in front of his family and accepted. After today’s last sacrament, we fell asleep peacefully with great trust in God, “he announced at the Prince’s House on Saturday night.

The entire Liechtenstein Volkswagen AG expressed its condolences to the members of the royal family and wished them more strength at this difficult time.

Countess Marie Kinsky von Wichnitz Y. Tetau was born in Prague on April 14, 1940, as Count Ferdinand Karl Kinsky von Wichnitz, Tetau and Henn The daughter of Countess von Ledebur-Wicheln, formerly known as Countess von Ledebur-Wicheln. She is the fourth of seven children.

In 1945, the family was expelled from what was then Czechoslovakia and fled to Germany. Princess Mary attended Ailin Inn Primary School from 1946 to 1949. She subsequently entered Sisters Rioba boarding school at Wald Abbey in Württemberg for eight years and graduated from the Royal Sports Academy.

In 1957, Princess Mary went to England for a language study trip. Subsequently, she studied for six semesters at the School of Business Graphics at the University of Munich and obtained a diploma. After a short stay in Paris, she worked as a commercial artist in a print shop in Dachau until her engagement in 1965.

Then-Crown Prince Hans Adam and Mary Kings got engaged on April 17, 1966; the wedding took place on July 30, 1967.

This marriage gave birth to four children: Crown Prince Alois, Prince Maximilian, Prince Constantine, and Princess Tajana.

Great commitment to Liechtenstein and the world’s poorest people
When Hans-Adam II came to the throne in 1989, Liechtenstein not only had a new prince, but also a new first lady. Princess Maria assumed this position with great dedication. Commitment to people and humanity has shaped the work of Princess Maria, whether leading the Liechtenstein Red Cross, as an advocate for therapeutic education, or repeatedly asking for donations during wars or natural disasters. In fact, the princess is also heavily involved in artistic and cultural activities, and this fact is often placed in a secondary position.

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