Death: The ‘streamer’ Garrido dead due to the cancer he suffered

Garrido’s family confirmed his death this afternoon.

Garrido is very popular on Twitter. In a wave of tweets from different users, there is great uncertainty about what happened to the young presenter. He is known as GarridoFN on Twitch, he is only 17 years old and has faced cancer three times. According to reports from his acquaintances on social media, his current situation is very worrying and he has been sent to the hospital. His family and close friends demanded “respect”, and a wave of messages of support for him and his surroundings has taken over Twitter.

Garrido has 156,847 followers on Twitch. In March 2021, popular YouTube teacher TheGrefg greeted him on his channel and told the emotional story of his overcoming there.

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The young man uses the popular video game Fortnite as an escape route. David (TheGrefg) spoke directly on the matter on Saturday, September 4. “He just told me that he was at the end and his family was waiting next door. But they have confirmed that he cannot get rid of this situation,” he said very concerned:

Thousands of users understand Garrido’s health and await his recovery: “I want to believe in miracles”, “Don’t say goodbye early” or “Garydo, you’ve always been a soldier” are some of the messages he received.

When TheGrefg shared the video with Garrido, he promised that seeing it would make his followers “better people.” “I think he will touch your heart and make you reflect,” he said.

This young man spends most of his time between the living room and the bed, so video games are his salvation in contact with the world. TheGrefg heard the story from him and suggested they do something together. “You are a machine, today we have learned a lot from life,” the popular youtuber told him after the speech.

For this popular content creator, this video is “one of the most special and beautiful videos” of his career. “I owe you my life,” Garrido replied on his social network.

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