Death: Tom T. Hall (Thomas Hall) is dead, American composer and entertainer

We regret to report the death of Tom T. Hall at the age of 85. SiriusXM pays tribute to Hall’s legacy in Willie’s Roadhouse (Chapter 59), Outlaw Country (Chapter 60), and Bluegrass Junction (Chapter 62). .Tom T. Hall (Tom T. Hall) is a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and author of novels and short stories, recognized as a “storyteller” for his unique storytelling style.

Tom T. Hall, formerly known as Thomas Hall, (born May 25, 1936 in Olive Hill, Kentucky, USA), an American composer and entertainer, commonly known as the “storyteller,” expanded the style and the variety of country music themes. frank language, well learned, generally philosophical narrative. His songs largely reflect his own experience, from his rural working-class background to his life as a country music star and national television personality.

Hall grew up in rural Kentucky and was one of eight children of a poor brick factory worker and minister and his wife. He plays the guitar from a very young age, writes stories and poems. When he was nine years old he composed his first song “How am I to You”, inspired by the music of the Grand Theater and the conversations of the neighbors.

As a teenager, he was the double bass player for the Kentucky Travelers, a bluegrass band that appeared regularly on local radio stations and recorded several albums for Starday Records in the early 1950s. After the band disbanded, Hall disbanded. He served as a radio disc jockey until he joined the United States Army in 1957.

While stationed in Germany, he played original comic songs on military radio. After retiring from the military in 1961, he studied journalism at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, worked as a DJ at a local radio station, and continued to write and perform his own songs. When Nashville song editor Jimmy Key found out about his work, he signed a songwriting contract with Hall.

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