Death: “Ultraman” actor Masanari Nihei Mitsuhiro Ide dead

C’mon man. This is just so sad to hear. Rest In Peace, Masanari Nihei. What a legend he was, a goofy, bright, shining smile legend. the original Ultraman is easily one of the best live action superhero works ever made and Masanari Nihei always brought a great sense of comedic fun and true humanity to the science patrol, he helped give them this odd sort of feeling of a family, let him be remembered fondly

Actor Nihei Masanari (real name Masanari Nihei) died of aspiration pneumonia on the 21st at the age of 80. The funeral was presided over by a close relative.

He was born in Tokyo. On the popular television show “Ultraman” (1966-67), he played an Ide member of a special scientific research team that fights monsters and aliens.

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